BBC Persian has reported a tragic incident around the Indonesian waters; “Travel to Australia from dream to reality” on 15/9/2013

Part of the report says:

A boat boarding 100 Iranian and Arabic passengers crashed in the Indonesian waters after 5 days of being lost in the ocean thus making it one of the most tragic events of the last decade.

Only one of the 28 survivors of the accident was Iranian. An 11 year old boy named Armin. I met him in Hotel Sarah in the western part of the java island, he was alone.

He has just been released from the hospital. He still seemed dazed and confused due to the shock of the accident, which parted him from his parents and 3 year old sister forever.

Their boat was floating on the water for five days and the sea force refused to respond to their help requests.


Armin talks about the accident: “we were near the shore when the storm started. A gigantic wave threw us to the other side with great force. The ship broke into half. My clothes were stuck. My father freed me but his head bumped into a nail. His nose started bleeding and he sank into the water. I was going farther and farther away.”

He says he identified the corpses of his mother, father and little sister from their picture himself. “When i saw my mother and father i didn’t cry. It seemed like they were sleeping; but when i saw my sister’s dead body i started crying. Foams had come out of her mouth and under her eyes were black. All of her body was bruised.”

Only a nightmare remained from the dream of Australia: “I always see their faces before my eyes. They come to my dreams. My mother says don’t cry Armin. Everything will be fine. My sister says don’t weep Armin, you’re going back to Iran.”

Armin is only one of the many refugees who fall victim to boat accidents.

He never wants to go to Australia again. He says he wants to go back to Iran as soon as possible and reunite with his grandfathers, grandmothers and family.



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